TRIUM Marketing and Consultants Pvt Ltd is one of Kochiís leading wooden panel flooring distributors as well as building material supplier in Kerala. Wooden flooring is getting popular in big houses and villas as well as upscale flats/apartments because it guarantees a beautiful floor that is easy to install and maintain all the while being durable enough to handle the challenges of everyday life and footfall traffic. Time is the direct distributor for leading brands such as Armstrong, Eternit, Mikasa, Pergo, Modulyss etc. For more details please visit Click Here Call Us at (0484)  

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Light Weight Bricks are gaining a lot of popularity in Ernakulam because of its unique properties and of course, it's competitive pricing as well. Lightweight Bricks have excellent insulation capabilities and are made out of eco-friendly materials  

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The new trend in the Kerala Constriction market is to use eco-friendly bricks to build houses. There are a lot of advantages to using eco-friendly building materials for your next construction project. Trium Marketing proposes the following advantages to using eco-friendly building materials, Low Maintenance and Operation Cost. ... Energy Efficiency. ... Enhances Indoor Environment Quality. ... Water Efficiency. ... it leads to Better Health. ... It increases Material Efficiency. ... It is Better for the Environment. ... It Reduces Strain on Local Resources.  

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Trium Marketing and Consultants is the leading dealer of Wooden Laminate Flooring in Kochi. In addition to these we also stock and supply vinyl floorings, carpet tiles, roofing shingles etc. For more details visit Click Here  

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If you are looking to buy Wooden Laminate Flooring in Kochi, then you must try out products by Trium Marketing. They have the best products available in eco-friendly flooring materials. A lot of homes are now turning to wooden flooring because of the following advantages that they offer to the homes. They are straight-forward installation for those with experience. Quality hardwood floors are specifically milled to ensure a uniform and stable fit Easy to clean, High-quality look. ... Strength and durability. ... A great long-term investment. ... Variety. ... Better acoustics. ... Healthy indo  

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There is a rise in the sale of green products such as Clay Bricks in Kochi. The reason for this hike in sales can be attributed to the fact that most homeowners are now turning to use eco-friendly building materials for their construction. Now most individuals are going green by using Clay bricks instead of traditional red bricks. there are many advantages to clay bricks by Trium. The manufacturing is cost-efficient in its use of energy. It generates near-zero waste. And it's beautiful, versatile, fire-retardant, maintenance-free and all-natural. It's clay brick, the most environment-friendly  

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Trium India is the leading Eco-Friendly Building Materials distributor in Kochi, Kerala. We have been a leading building material distributor since 2003. Here in this post, we would like to point out 8 Eco-Friendly Building Materials that are utilised by leading architects in Green/Sustainable Buildings! 1) AAC Bricks Autoclave Aerated Concrete (AAC) 2) Lightweight Roofing built from eco-friendly materials 3) Grass pavers are manufactured from 100% recycled plastic. 4) Fiberboards are made from wood waste products such as sawdust, wood chips, wooden shavings, etc. For more details, please v  

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Today climate change is a harsh reality which we are continously facing on a day to day basis. This has led to most of our customers choosing Eco-Friendly Building Materials in Kochi. The decision to go green is not only eco-friendly but also responsible for the environment. Traditional building materials like cement, bricks, roofing sheets etc take up a lot of our resources and can be extremely polluting as well. That is why Trium is one of the leading brands when it comes to advocating the use of eco-friendly products like AAC Bricks, lightweight roofing and vinyl flooring instead of origina  

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Trium Marketing and Consultants Private Limited have become one of the best building material suppliers in Kerala. In Ernakulam in spite of increasing competition from new companies and suppliers, customers are still placing their trust and confidence in us. We have the best quality building materials available in Kochi. Our products include wooden floorings, laminate floorings, vinyl planks, roofing shingles etc  

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Wooden Laminate Flooring is gaining a lot of traction in Kochi. Most villas, as well as high-class apartments, are now using wooden laminates as it has the same look and feel of a traditional wooden floor yet has none of the obvious problems that come with wooden floors. To buy the best quality wooden laminate floorings, please contact Trium India today or visit our Facebook page Click Here  

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