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Being made of the mother earth, that which sustains supports and contains all; terracotta products have a unique power to conform to any surroundings that hold it. Be it your residence or office, terracotta products bring in peace in terms of red color and fine textures.

Its unique ability to control the temperature of the atmosphere to a pleasurable level has made it the hot choice of most of modern architects who build in the cities. It's cool touch on the wall and floor inspires your soul and keeps it calm and contented.

An aesthetically pleasing relief from monotonous concrete buildings is what terracotta clad house bestows its modern user. Terracotta imparts rustic appeal to the buildings that are made in a modern style. It exudes a feeling of grandeur that denotes a rich tradition.

Modern villas, star hotels and resorts made using terracotta tiles may seem hospitable to an outsider who admires its warm and pleasant interior. Especially in India where torrential rain and exhausting heat are climatic traits, terracotta plays a dual role pleasing in both situations. It controls the humidity in the air permeating heat or cold according to the climate.

Coreclay tiles are easy to install and maintain. Apart from roofing solutions for new buildings, these tiles can be a better option for replacing aluminum sheets.

Coreclay tiles deliver value for money and you will be glad you decided on these quality tiles in the long run.

Coreclay tiles are manufactured under stringent quality control standards, employing the finest raw materials and processes to give you advantages that no other tile in the category can match.


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