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Kalsi Building Boards

Advanced Fibre Cement Panels

High Density Fibre Cement Sheeting available in various sizes and used to simiulate a Matrix expressed joint system. Kalsi Clad is available in various sizes with the most common being a 1200mm x 2400mm x 9mm High Density sheet which is suitable to be cut & shaped on site for the most intricate facades & wall linings so as to produce a Matrix type pattern.

The Kalsi boards are manufactured from cement, quartz sand, organic reinforcement fibers (such as selected cellulose fibres), natural calcium silicates and water. All Kalsi boards are produced without using any asbestos (such as chrysotile, amosite, chrocidolite or any other kind of asbestos).

These are light, strong and durable. They are easy to work as wood, but they solve all the problems associated to timber. Resistant to water, mold growth and impact, our fibre cement products are the best alternative for builders and home owners ready to explore creative solutions and improve their way of living.

Tough, resistant and durable, our products are the perfect replacement for wooden products, concrete and masonry construction.


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