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Mineralis Facades: Mineralis facades are made of fibre cement. The Mineralis boards have the strength and stability of concrete. Their performance is enhanced by a matrix of fibres that further reinforce the boards. The result is a material that delivers exceptional performance in the harshest conditions. The Mineralis facade solution brings the qualities of fibre cement to your facade. Tough, resistant to fire and moisture, with a very long life span, virtually maintenance-free.

No Paint Needed: Being through-coloured, Mineralis boards do not need to be painted or colour-treated after installation. When cut to your design, the side edges reveal the same colour as the board’s surface. Mineralis is available in different contemporary colours and textures.

EASY AND SIMPLE SYSTEM: The Mineralis facade solution is installed as a ventilated rainscreen. The boards act as a sun and rain screen, the air behind regulates the ventilation. The Mineralis panels are fixed to the substructure with rivets, screws or glue. The metal substructure itself is fixed to the building in one of two ways: directly on to the building structure or by using profiles with supporting brackets. Extra thermal insulation can be added behind the Mineralis cladding

THE WORLD LEADER: Eternit Asia Panels is part of the Etex Group – the worldwide market leader in fibre cement. Every year, 2.5 million square meter of Etex fibre cement cladding materials are installed throughout the world. At Eternit Asia Panels, we believe in quality. All our factories are certified – in terms of quality management, environmental management, and health & safety management.


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