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Shelter is one of the basic necessities of life. Man has strived to evolve better roofing solutions that will withstand the test of time. Pionnier has its own state of the art manufacturing unit at Kolapur with Japanese collaboration and with a production capacity of 24, 00, 000 tiles and fittings per annum. The Company is led by a group of experts with more than a decade's experience in this industry. Supported by Japanese technology and backup, Pionnier Roofing provides complete roofing solutions by recognizing your needs of covering your home with care.

The Vision of Pionnier Roofing is to be the favorite provider of roof systems and components in India at an affordable price from the plants closer to your location. Pionnier Roofing believes in continuous improvement of Health and Safety for all associated with the company and give utmost importance to Environmental protection.


Endurer concrete roof tiles are designed in Japan adopting Flow Guide Channel technology.

Endurer roof tiles come after series of research and tests by a team of professionals having wide range of experience in this industry.

Endurer roof tiles has a unique tile securing system minimizing wind damage & dislodging, there by withstanding any extreme climatic conditions. Efflorescence preventive coat prevents tile from Weather Aggressions

It's unique profile maintains the inside temperature of your building cooler and provides you a pleasant atmosphere.

Endurer roofing tiles are available in different vibrant colors to add aesthetic mood to your roofing

Stringent quality control system ensures you a world class product at an affordable price.

Immaculate back-up service and specialized development of products reaffirm service and quality to our customers.


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