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Wienerberger was founded by Alois Miesbach in 1819 in Vienna (Austria). Today the group is the largest producer of clay based building materials, operating around 263 plants in US and Europe with a turnover of about $ 3.75 billion in 2007. Despite our size, Weienerberger considers itself as an integral part of society it works in and acts in accordance to social, ecological and economic principles. Bricks look back at a history of more than 5000 years; Wienerberger is proud to be part of that story for the last two centuries.

Our products are natural, adhere to the highest quality standards, and provide high living standards and an impressive variety of designs. In Europe, and the US our products are a seal of quality, builders as well as architects are using our brand name to promote their projects. Currently our product range comprises blocks for load bearing and non-load bearing construction, roofing tiles (natural and glazed) and pavers made out of clay.

Wienerberger has recently established a company in Bangalore with the aim to produce high quality clay based building materials for the Indian market. Our main focus will be on clay hollow blocks and bricks. We are constantly in touch with leading architects and builders in Karnataka. The company in Bangalore is our first step of our Asian expansion. Besides producing for the local demand, we are also importing specialty products from our overseas factories. We also produce clay facades which have been used in Bangalore for high rising commercial construction (ArGeTon).

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