DURO 235 corrugated sheets provide your building with a contemporary and modern look.

The DURO 235 corrugated roofing sheets offer a modern profile to the roof and can be used both for new constructions and renovations.

They can be used  residential,  commercial and industrial buildings.

The Onduline brings thermal and acoustic comfort to the buildings due to the absorption  of heat and noise it receives. For a more aesthetic look, the under side of the sheets are of the same colour as the top.

Product benefits

  • Lightweight, thus ideal for all types of applications.
  • High wind resistant
  • Thermal and acoustic comfort
  • Waterproofing Guaranteed
  • 10% Higher coverage area
  • Eco-friendly and safe
  • Thermal insulation
  • Sound resistance
  • Watertightness guaranteed for 15 years




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