The Hollow clay blocks are designed to provide better efficiency, durability, ease of use and a host of other benefits that aid in cost-effective wall construction and comes in two types: Non-Load Bearing Clay Hollow Blocks and Load Bearing Clay Hollow Blocks.

Some of the intrinsic advantages of clay bricks:

  • Light weight (60% less weight than conventional walling material),
  • Strong & durable- high Compressive strength
  • Excellent Thermal and Sound Insulation
  • Low water absorption of ~ 15%, thus minimal risk of dampness, cracks or shrinkage of walls
  • Non-susceptible to carbonation thus providing greater durability
  • Light weight & faster construction

Comfortable and healthy living

Excellent thermal insulation that’s 45% better compared to conventional walling material. This leads to direct savings on energy consumption on air consumption and heating devices.

Natural & Green

The clay used in our production is sourced from de-silting of dead water tanks and only natural additives like coal ash, rice husk and saw dust are used. It also has been credited by Indian Green Building Council for ratings.

Strength & Use

High compressive strength due the web design means improved productivity in masonry. It’s also easy to chase and chisel for electrical and plumbing conduits making it simple to install all types of fixtures (geysers, air conditioners, cabinets, closets etc).

Unlimited life and maximum fire protection

Has an exceptionally long life, it doesn’t burn as it is already fired at 1000 degrees and has a fire rating of F240 – 240 minutes.



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