Laminated Wooden Floors

High-quality laminate stands out, particularly in a health home

We are one of the leading suppliers of high-quality laminate flooring in Europe.

Anyone opting this product for a floor of the highest quality, which will bring joy for many years and create a feel-good ambience in all areas. Laminate flooring is optically very appealing and fully in keeping with new flooring trends. In addition, our high-quality laminate is particularly durable, universally usable and our Aqua+ laminate flooring is even moisture resistant. Because the environment is very important to us, in the production of our laminate flooring we only use timber from sustainably managed forests.

Anyone who is in the process of renovation and wants to renovate their flooring, will find in our laminate flooring an optimal and cost-effective solution with simple installation, thanks to our patented laminate click systems.

Particularly resilient and high-quality laminate

High quality for the home thanks to our anti-static technology
Aqua+ laminate is well suited to wet areas. Natural substances ensure a healthy indoor climate in the home Versatile in all spaces, both residential and commercial. Simple laminate installation thanks to our patented. Laminate is available in tile, wood and concrete effect with a large selection of decors for every taste and style of living



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