Carpet Tiles

Carpet tile advantages

Certified quality, best wear resistance, excellent dimensional stability, highest fire resistance: Bfl-s1, flexible backing
free of harmful substances, Endless layout possibilities, on-trend designs, mix and match colors, patterns and textures
combine different shapes, Sustainable flooring solution using recycled raw materials, bitumen backing, made partially from recycled materials: back2back, end-of-life solutions: CARE
complies with REACH standards, fire safety carpet tiles fire proof, The highest standard in fire safety

Our carpet tiles earned a Bfl-s1 classification, the highest possible class for textile floor covering. Certified to the European EN13501-1 standard, they comply with the strictest European regulations for fire safety.

Improved indoor air quality

  • solvent- & PVC-free
  • odorless
  • has dust-capturing features

Easy to install

  • loose lay: no permanent glue necessary
  • less cutting waste compared with fitted carpeting
  • phased installation possible
  • simple to store and transport

Easy to replace

  • maintenance-friendly
  • only the damaged tile needs to be removed
  • no damage to the subfloor
  • no demolition or equalization costs
  • dust-free and time-saving



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